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About Shreshta IT Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

eth1 Network solutions, now familiar as Shreshta IT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2008 with a strong focus on Linux and Free Open Source Software (FOSS) philosophy.

We are a product startup based out of Belgaum, with an emphasis on Network Security, Data Storage and Backup, Remote access and connectivity. We also provide various services using the Linux Operating system and FOSS tools. 

Our products and services are aimed at Small medium Enterprises in different verticals such as Manufacturing, Hospitality, Healthcare, Educational Institutions, IT companies, Realty and Small Office and Home Offices, etc.

We have built our products namely NetSentry, StackIO, NetBridge and various other services which we offer are using FOSS technologies such as Python, Linux, git, Apache, MySQL etc and they are engineered having features such as simplicity, stability and security.

Being an energetic startup, the office dynamism is quite informal. There is a collective responsibility to what we do and this culture imbibes a positive working environment though there is no shortage of fun and friendly banter.