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Web filtering and firewall designed to secure your computer network, prevent access to unwanted and unproductive websites and safeguard your data/Intellectual Property from data theft. 

  • Controls and monitors Internet access 
  • Seamless integration and configuration 
  • User friendly web software 

Enterprise-level backup for Organizations. The Centralized Data Storage and Backup Appliance which is designed to take incremental backup of data residing on computers with are in the Network automatically. StackIO contains multiple disks in mirroring mode (RAID 1) thereby providing redundancy. StackIO can also perform as a File Server, allowing users to store data. 

  • Built in file server 
  • Incremental/ full backup of heterogenous hosts 
  • RAID 1 (software) 

The Remote Connectivity and Remote Access Appliance which is designed to connect multiple offices using an Internet connection also allows remote access to office resources such as Network folders, Printers, software, etc. to roaming users using Industry grade encryption.

  • Secure access to Organization's network resources 
  • Two factor authentication 
  • Establish a VPN without a static IP