Protective DNS

Stop internet threats such as phishing, ransomware, DGA, botnets real-time

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Everything on the Internet begins with DNS

DNS is the pulse of Internet activity. Domain names are cheap and used by bad actors for phishing, ransomware, Command & Control(C2C) Etc.

From a defence standpoint, security teams can use Protective DNS to stop attacks in real-time.

Key Features

Real-Time Threat Protection

Real-time threat protection from ransomware, phishing, DGA, ZRD domains

Blocking & Visibility Mode

Malicious DNS queries can be logged only or blocked or both


Visibility into malicious domain names accessed in the network

Analytics Dashboard

Insight into malicious domain names blocked, type of DNS queries, top talkers etc

Actionable Alerts

Getting notified of a critical threat is essential. Protective DNS will alert by email in real-time

Threat Intelligence

Protective DNS is powered by Threat Intelligence from Spamhaus Technology and Shreshta IT

Roaming users

Protection to work from home users or roaming users

On-prem / Cloud

Protective DNS can be deployed on-prem or in the Cloud​

SIEM ready

SIEM can ingest Protective DNS logs in 5 minutes

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