Shreshta IT

About Us

Our journey began in 2008 (then known as eth1 Network Solutions) and were incorporated as Shreshta IT Technologies Pvt. Ltd in 2014.

From the beginning, our focus has been to support enterprises in Tier-II cities by providing solutions in IT Operations and Security.  Over the years, we have fine-grained the model and have concentrated our efforts on securing and defending networks in an enterprise.

One of the facets of focusing on Tier-II cities has been to solve the massive challenge of securing the unsecured at scale. Let me unpack this for you – Security Operations in enterprises requires resources(budget & people) and processes. Micro and small enterprises have a scarcity of budget and people.

Security and the One Percent by Richard Bejtlich is an excellent take on this topic and I urge you to read it.

Richard defines the Security 1% as,

“the assortment of people and organizations who have the personnel, processes, technology, and support to implement somewhat robust digital security programs, especially those with the detection and response capabilities and not just planning and resistance/”prevention” functions.”

At Shreshta IT, we provide information security solutions for organisations of all sizes including micro and small enterprises. Our team of experienced security
professionals implement technology, processes & improve the security posture of an organisation. From securing a large newspaper daily to securing one of the fastest growing company in India (2020) to securing a publicly listed company, we secure and defend them all!

Meet Swapneel

Swapneel is currently the Managing Director of Shreshta IT and has
been working in the Information Security field for 15+ years. He is also a technical trainer & regularly conducts workshops on Information Security, Malware analysis, Network Security. and DNS/DNSSEC Security. He is also an APNIC Community Trainer.

He is also a board member of India Internet Engineering Society, and has been Program Committee member of Indian Network Operators group.

He is also an active participant and a speaker in the Network Operator Groups (NOGs) and security the community in the Asia Pacific region and most recently has presented at BSides Dayton, 2020 FIRST Virtual Symposium for Latin America and the Caribbean, APNIC50, UKNOF July, APNIC NFH SEA, LKNOG3.