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Guardianhaus [BETA]

Business Benefits

Working from home means you don’t have the comfort of your organization’s network security protection.

This increases your risk to numerous threats, including phishing, malware, ransomware, and botnets. These threats can result in cybercriminals getting hold of your data or even worse, your money.

You can protect against these threats with Guardianhaus.  It provides enterprise-grade protection to ALL internet connections and is easy to install.

  • Peace of mind - protect against cybercriminals getting hold of your data, and your money.

  • Instant protection from threats as soon as our researchers see them.

  • Simple installation across laptops, P.C.s and smart phones.


Block phishing and ransomware

Prevent access to phishing sites and ransomware being downloaded


Simple to download app and experts on-hand to assist with configuration


Immediate protection across all apps and programs, not just web browsers

your data

Immediate protection across all apps and programs, not just web browsers

The Technical Details

How it works:

Using an open-source VPN solution called WireGuard, we route all your device’s DNS traffic via a secure DNS resolver.  This resolver has response policy zones (RPZs) enabled on it.  

Your DNS request is queried against these zones, which contain lists of IPs and Domains that are known to be associated with malicious entities.  If there is a match your connection will be blocked.

Guardianhaus provides an important layer of security in addition to Anti-virus and OS firewall software.

Where does the listing data come from?

The domain and IP listings that are used in the RPZs are carefully compiled by our research team who have been tracking malicious internet entities for over 2 decades.  

We are the industry leader in IP and domain reputation data, currently protecting over 3 billion mailboxes worldwide.  Now you have the chance to protect your home network with it.