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Our hands-on training workshops are built towards both beginners and experts alike.

Information Security Awareness Training for Corporates

About Shreshta IT

Shreshta IT is an information security company providing network security solutions and training to organizations of all sizes. From securing a prominent newspaper daily to securing one of the fastest-growing companies in India (2020) to securing a publicly listed company, we secure and defend them all!

Why Shreshta IT

Our instructors are first and foremost practitioners who work on emerging cyber threats daily. Our training is curated based on real-world attacks seen on the Internet, enabling participants to understand the dangers and the best practices.

Learning Objective

After completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • Increase their Information Security awareness level
  • Improve Cyber Security hygiene
  • Adopt and implement Operational Security(OPSEC) best practice

Who Should Attend

Information Security awareness training is a critical necessity for any organization and every employee. Our security awareness training will help protect and improve the security posture of any organization.


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Learn from the experts

The Information Security field constantly demands knowledge and practice. While resources to gain understanding on the internet are plenty, it’s the platform to safely practice and exposure to real-life security problems that are missing.

At Shreshta IT, we design and curate hands-on training for beginners and experts alike. With our experience of securing and defending 200+ enterprise networks, our training is packed with real-life scenarios, table-top exercises, and hands-on labs.

Here are the key value additions of our training,

  • Hands-on labs
  • Real-life experiences – we bring in the experience of securing and defending 200+ enterprise networks
  • Lifetime access to our InfoSec community on Discord
  • Digital Certificate